May Wrap-Up

What a busy busy month May has been. I can’t believe it’s almost over. Let’s look at a bit of my timeline here:

May 6: Last day of student teaching. Received the most heartwarming and sweet notes from the second graders. Left school with armloads of nostalgia.

May 9: Graduated from college. No tripping across the stage. Shortest graduation of all of the colleges (yes!) and good barbecue with friends and family.

May 24: My brother got married. It was quite a lovely event. I walked down the aisle without tripping, though I did want to rip my heels off. I will never wear heels again. Never. Well at least never for a wedding. The ceremony was beautiful though I did not cry. The smile on my brother’s face was precious. We danced and boogied at the reception and ate what most people deemed to be the best wedding food EVER. It was. There are leftovers in our fridge to prove it. Oh and I gave a toast at the Rehearsal Dinner. I had it all planned and typed out. I practiced it in the car with the best friend. But of course when I got up there, I did NOT read what the paper said. I said heartfelt and funny things and I think it went okay. Brother even gave me a hug afterwards. Oh and this having a sister thing? I really like it! 🙂

What else have I been up to? Well I do get to sleep in on most days which is divine. And I’ve spent lots of time blog reading and surfing the net. Oh and yeah that thing called job hunting. I’ve done a bit of that. (I don’t want to talk about it, it’s such a bleak and depressing time to be looking for a job).

Best of all I’ve just enjoyed spending uninterrupted time with my family and my friends. Watching TV and movies (Saw Shopaholic and Night at the Museum 2). Enjoying lazy Sunday afternoons. Camping. Yes Camping. My bests and I camped on Tuesday night. Ok so we slept in a really nice camper with airconditioning and a queen sized bed. But there was nature. We had a fire and roasted marshemellows and talked and….

and then watched Madea’s Family Reunion on a laptop in said air-conditioned camper. Ok, we’re city girls after all. But yesterday we did go tanning/swimming and it was marvelous! I even got in the water which was actually warm. There was pretty much no one at the lake beach or on the water so it was calm, serene and alltogether awesome.

Which leaves me with now. The future. My future. Duh duh DUH! (I feel that the dramatic music adds something.) Yesterday through the most bizarre series of phone calls and God-happenings a roadtrip was derived. Yay a road trip! It’s been a while since I’ve really been on a road trip that doesn’t involve driving to school and back home.

Tomorrow my fun roadtripaganza begins. First I will drive 3 hours to another fun city to see my friend Kira, who just got back from the World Race a couple weeks ago. I cannot wait. We are going to talk, talk, eat ice cream, watch movies, and just have a blast. What’s crazy is that in our phone conversation yesterday I realized that tomorrow, Friday will be exactly one year since we saw each other last! How funny is that!

Then on Sunday I will make another two hour drive to a city in SC where my Aunt and Uncle live. I’ve seen them a lot lately – for my graduation and the brother’s wedding and each time they’ve bugged me and told me that I need to come visit. So here I come! I’ll also get to go visit my Grandma at her nursing home. And did I mention that my Uncle has a hot tub? Heaven!!!

After the family visit I still get to hopefully see two really awesome people. Jaimee, one of my most dear and best friends from my trip to India, is hopefully going to be visiting SC with her friend to see her friend’s brother. Jennifer lives near Clemson and also went to India with us and is probably one of the reasons that I am so sarcastic. Seriously. So we will hopefully reunite for a couple days to be crazy and silly and laugh really hard.

And then on Wednesday, which just so happens to be my birthday, I will drive home. I’ll probably belt out some awesome songs at the top of my lungs as I drive. 🙂


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