road trip confessions, part 1

So I’m on this road trip. A weekend trip to see my friend Kira turned into a longer trip to see lots of people.

It’s been good. I like it. I’ve liked the change of pace. Except for when I called my parents today to let them know where I was and my dad answered and pretended to be the phone company saying “we’re sorry this number has been disconnected and there is no forwarding address”. It’s good to know that he misses me so much.

I did something fun today. Guess what it was?

No I didn’t ride a rollercoaster. Or a horse.

No I didn’t go dancing. All of my friends did that at home without me – I’m not bitter of course. 🙂

I went on a detour. An excursion.

When I left Kira this afternoon I told myself that road trips are about adventures. And that I needed to have one. To live and have fun by myself.

So I did.

I saw a sign on the highway for a Botanical Gardens. It sounded nice. I love the Arboretum at home and have been to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens as well. So off I went following the brown signs.

Except it took a bit longer than expected to get to this place. I was JUST about to turn around when I saw the entrance. Phew.

It was so nice to finally see that sign. I jumped for joy.

Doesn’t the building look very regal? I think I did a shocked “oh wow” as I walked up. I was expecting a rinky dink garden. I was not expecting this.

Of course I also wasn’t expecting to pay $10 just to see the place. I told myself it was an early birthday present and forked over the cash. I mean, I did not just drive out to the middle of nowhere to turn around without seeing the place.

So first I went into the Orchid Conservatory. I forgot the name of it so I just went and looked it up on their website. Aren’t I a smart one?

There were some pretty cool flowers.

I really liked these arches. They were awesome. I have no clue what kind of plants they are made of.

This leaf was large and very cool. It made me think of Kira and how she called a similar looking leaf in the DC arboretum good material for a skirt. She probably didn’t want me to share that. Ooops. There is a video on facebook about it though.

Hey look it’s a picture of me! It’s my foot! Nothing like rainbows to make the day even more enjoyable. I’m finally starting to break these suckers in.

I thought that this flower was pretty awesome. It was even more awesome when I remembered that my camera (as awful and crappy as it is) has a macro setting.

This statue was fun. It reminds me of my friend Taylor. I have no clue why it does, but it just does.

I really wanted to jump into this fountain. I resisted. Ok well actually when no one was looking I stuck my foot in. It felt great.

It was a fantastic day.

There is the one and only picture of me from the excursion.

The end.

More is coming. The fun keeps on rolling in. So get ready for more roadtrip confessions. 🙂


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  1. piratesinnc

    I’m jealous! This sounds super fun!

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