here’s my life

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted. I should post more. I have plenty of time. But every time I begin a post I wonder “what do I say?” and have no good answer.

My life has been crazy and lame all at the same time.

1. Last week I went to Impact, a camp that my church puts on for our youth. We go to SC to a camp on the lake and have a blast. I was a counselor for the rising 9th grade girls with one of my dear friends Sarah. This was my fourth time being a counselor. It was a very refreshing time for me, as I really got to pour into the girls lives and see their hearts changed by God. The theme of the week was missions and our speaker, Finny Matthews, was from India. I was in heaven every time he spoke. He had an accent and he would tell soooo many stories about India. I would agree along and look at the people sitting next to me and smile real big. Some people thought he spoke for a long time but to me it went by so fast. I wanted him to keep speaking! About 35 kids came to know the Lord as their Saviour and many many more committed their lives to missions full time. It was amazing!

2. Now that I am back, I have nothing to do with my time. I don’t have a job. Don’t ask. It’s a frustrating time. I am e-mailing and doing everything I can whenever I see an opening. But there’s just not a lot out there and the money is not going very far. So I’m waiting. And waiting. And getting very bored in the process.

3. There isn’t even much babysitting out there too. One of my main prayers is that as God has already provided for me so far (a place to live for free and food to eat) that He would provide work each week. So far I have had no babysitting or anything this week. It’s quite frustrating.

4. I really really really want my own classroom. I go to the library and the bookstore and read teacher books and planning books and think of all of the things I would do in my classroom. I have ideas, people. Really good ones. I might just start planning for a classroom and hope that come August I actually have one!

That’s it, I can’t handle any more of this frustrating post. If you would like to offer me encouragement, go for it. If you would like to offer advice and point out what I should or should not be doing, please don’t. I’m really sick of it.


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  1. piratesinnc

    So what you should be doing……

    just kidding

    I LOVE YOU! 🙂

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