for the sake of spinach

Disclaimer: Unemployment and extreme boredom were present at the time this post was written. All oddities, random comments and just craziness can be attributed to this boredom.

I have really odd taste buds. I love the weirdest food combinations. I am not kidding you.

Olives. Black. Green. Kalmata. Bring em on.

Avocado. With Bacon. On a Salad. Heaven.

Sour sour lemon. With Raspberries. Sour delicousness.

But one of the strangest addictions (yes I said addiction) is to spinach.

I’m serious people.

As a child I hated the stuff. I did not want to eat it. My mother knew way better than to cook it for me.






I do. If I can eat a dish with spinach, life is good. Recently, about a month or so ago I discovered this recipe for heavenly creamed spinach from Pioneer Woman. I fell in love.

In fact I may have commented on her recipe that I loved it so much AS I ate it. I made it right away.

My mother, the ever loving woman did the best thing the other day. She brought home a bag of fresh spinach. I jumped for joy. What a great mom.

I immediately made some creamed spinach.

Problem with bagged spinach is that it cooks down so fast and you are left with so little.

So that momma of mine went at it again. She found me the frozen kind.

I may or may not be currently eating the yummy and delicious stuff.

Ok I am.

On a side note, my dear mother warned/chided me not to consume it too fast. Too fast? Sheesh.

I mean, I’m anemic. I don’t have enough iron in my body. So spinach is good. Really good. It has TONS of iron.

Ok, enough blogging. I’m going back to my bowl of goodness.


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