Confession: I am an emotional girl.

Today at my friends Sarah and Katie’s house we were watching videos of soldiers homecomings on youtube. Sweetest things ever. We were all crying. (Katie more so that the rest because she is dating a fine man who is currently serving in Iraq.)

Then tonight I babysat for a fun 9 year old boy. We watched the movie “Eight Below“. It’s about a guy and his team of sled dogs that he works with in Antartica. Long story short they have to emergency evacuate because of a bad storm and injuries from a trek and they don’t have time to get the dogs. Someone was supposed to come right back and get the dogs but they didn’t allow anyone to fly because of the storm. The dogs were stuck there on their own, on a chain. Needless to say the main character Jerry wanted to get back and help his dogs as soon as possible but no one would help him. I won’t spill the ending but let’s just say that I cried MULTIPLE times during this movie. I am a sucker for animals. Dogs especially. Dogs that are hurt or in need make me bawl. I lost it about 5 times tonight.

The 9 year old thought it was hilarious. He picked on me the whole night. And he laughed really hard when I screamed out loud/shrieked when something suddenly jumped out in a scene.

This same 9 year old hid his face behind a pillow during the kiss at the end of the movie. I hit him with a pillow. Hahaha.

I am an emotional girl. I’m not ashamed of it.

Now let’s not even talk about that movie Marley and Me……


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