ease into the weekend, like a favorite pair of jeans

I think that weekends have a great familiar feeling. Like putting on a favorite pari of jeans the weekend is comfortable and relaxing yet gives me the feeling of eagerness and excitement for some adventure. There’s the Friday night feeling where you feel as if the work world is so far away and fun possibilities are just waiting to be discovered. I had that feeling as I was driving yesterday. I subbed at a school yesterday so I had to be up at the crack of dawn and was busy all day long, a feeling that I haven’t had much lately. After rushing home to do a couple of things I was back in the car on my way to church for a meeting. I had changed from a black shirt and skirt (teacher clothes) into my comfiest pair of jeans. I kept the black shirt but decided to that I wanted to spice life up and throw on a scarf. I chose the pink, cream, and teal one from India that is my absolute favorite. When I wear it life immediately seems more simply beautiful.

As I drove the feeling of the comfy jeans and simple scarf made me smile from ear to ear. I knew that the weekend was upon me and I couldn’t wait to see what it had to offer. Now granted I was at the meeting till a ripe hour of 10:15 (yikes!) but it was splendid. I got to talk to a bunch of lovely people that I hadn’t seen all week and also dream some gospel dreams about the girls bible study that I will be tre-leading (that’s my new term for co-leading but with 2 other people so it’s a total of three) with two wonderful girls. I also got to see my new favorite kindergartner and hear all about his fabulous first week. How happy he was and how big the smile on his face as he told me all about his new adventure. I think we should all take a lesson from kindergartners on dealing with new things in life and just smile and enjoy the ride.

Now it’s Saturday morning and I got to sleep in which is a great feeling after getting up early for a couple days this week. Saturday rolls around like a tease. I usually wake up multiple times Saturday morning frantic because I think I am late for something, be it school or work or some other busy time taker. The feeling of realizing that it is indeed Saturday and that I get to roll right back over and sleep is absolutely glorious. It makes waking up when I want to an ever better thing. And it allows me to have that lazy feeling of staying in bed for an hour or so to read, catch up internet stuff or I don’t know blog perhaps?

Well I’m off to enjoy this beautiful although muggy and hot Raleigh Saturday. Plans include some sort of yummy breakfast, exploring my favorite mall (that I have not been to in years) and then coffee with a college friend. 🙂


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