the miss r game

This is where I am pretending to be, relaxing on a tropical beach. bliss :)

This is where I am pretending to be, relaxing on a tropical beach. bliss 🙂

I know. It’s been a while. Sorry. I think of some great things every now and then but I have a hard time following through.

I have now been an official 2nd grade teacher for 25 days. That’s 3 weeks and 4 days in school time. I cannot believe how quickly it has all flown by!

I am really loving my job. Seriously. I could not be in a better place this year. I work at an amazing school with some really supportive and helpful coworkers. They listen to me when I need to whine, answer my endless questions (they really are endless) and take the time to encourage me. It’s such a positive environment and I really am feeling like I fit and belong.

My kids are the best. They are crazy but they’re the best. They would talk all day long if I let them. Sometimes I think I let them talk too much. I’m really too nice. I’ve realized that classroom management is one of those things that you can read all about and talk about how wonderful your classroom is going to be but until you get in there and grab the bull by the horns it’s all just talk. You have to be mean sometimes and it’s not fun. Especially when the kids are cute and you see those little tears begin to well up in their eyes. Oh those little tears. Those tears will be my downfall if I’m not careful.

Even so, I try my best to be kind and show the kids that I’m a normal human being too. I talk about Appalachian all the time and how they should all grow up and go to college there. I’ll make them into Mountaineers if it’s the last thing I do.

I hand out band-aids, give hugs, break up arguments and help repair friendships. I encourage, motivate, and try to give them some hope on the gloomy days. I tell them stories in social studies and once I even fell on the floor to help exaggerate a talk about not asking what to do when you are done. I give funny faces and am working very hard on developing my teacher evil eye. I’ve been told it’s very effective if mastered properly. I laugh at many things, sometimes only in my head in an effort to not embarass and the kids laugh at me often. When the morning announcements are over and they play a song I often sing along at the top of my lungs.

These are the kinds of things you can do as a 2nd grade teacher. You get to be a little crazy. In fact you pretty much have to be crazy or else you wouldn’t make it.

And most days I go home and feel that I have done something positive, that even though I’m sure there were flawed lessons and many mistakes made, that hopefully something good happened.

I constantly remind students that it is not the Miss R game and that they do not get points for saying my name. I say cheesy things like “if I had a dime for every time a student asked me to go to the bathroom I would be a rich person”. I write notes on stickies in the shape of an elephant. I receive hand drawn pictures of elephants and flowers and shark teeth from the playground. I can spot trash and pencils on the floor from across the room and its rumored that I have ears and eyes like an owl.

Today is a good day to write all of this and be reminded of how blessed I am. I took the day off due to an unfortunate double ear infection. This was not planned and I am not happy about it but I’m trying to muster up some positivity. Also I’m very sad because I was supposed to be going up to Boone with a bunch of good friends for a little reunion and for the football game. Oh I was looking forward to it for a long time. I want to see an ASU football game live in the new stadium so badly.

But this infection and fever is gonna keep me here at home. It’s a bummer. I’m thinking I might allow myself a slight amount of retail therapy to make up for the missed fun. And I’m thinking ahead to my track out which is only 5 weeks away and planning some fun trips for then! It should be a blast! That’s all for now.

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