of classrooms and corn mazes

Halloween. Oh what a day Halloween is. On Friday the kids were crazy. Crazy I tell you. They were so excited for the weekend and trick or treating. And of course we had two birthdays last Friday which meant a “party” at the very end of the day. They inhaled those sugary cupcakes. I looked over and saw one child literally sucking the frosting of his cupcake. Talk about a sugar high.

I went with my friend Amanda to eat Sushi on Friday night. It was delicious. It had been a whole month since I had eaten sushi. Well actually a friend pointed out that I have had sushi on pay day the past 2 times. Weird? Yes but not really – it’s more of a finding the time to get good sushi. We ate at a fun place downtown and then got strawberry mousse from Harris Teeter and watched some TV. It was semi-lame but it was also very relaxing.

On Saturday I went with a group of friends to a Corn Maze. It was really fun. Half of the group went on the scary Haunted Trail. They tried to talk Katie and I into doing it but we are jumpy girls. Meaning that in high school when a basketball hit the wall 5 feet from where I was I would scream and jump. I don’t do well with things jumping out at me. So Katie and I did the Corn Maze and it was a blast. It was over 6 acres big and man did we get lost. We had to find different letters/stations hidden throughout the maze and punch a hole for each. We made it out in 58 minutes. We were sweating so much it was not ladylike. But then Katie and I are not always the most ladylike ladies.

And now Daylight Savings has begun. Or has it ended? I always get the whole system confused. Oh well. I am really liking the light in the mornings and can actually see when I walk out to my car and when I get to school instead of being greeted by pitch black darkness.

But at night I am starting to get tired a lot earlier. It’s pretty funny. Last night I had my light out and was asleep by 9:00. And then I woke up at 5:oo this morning. But thankfully I rolled back over, cuddled up and slept for a bit longer. Mornings have never been my favorite. I do not like getting out of bed. I cannot seem to make myself get up at a reasonable time most days.

I have 3 1/2 weeks till Thanksgiving and my super long and awesome track out. I’m so excited! Though I am dreading having to do report cards soon. 😦 Thankfully everyone is really helping me figure things out (did I mention how awesome my coworkers are?!) so I think I’ll make it. Every time I start to get really stressed about it I think about how happy I will be when I am tracked out and sleeping in and traveling and doing crafts and enjoying the holidays.

This afternoon my assistant and I rearranged the room somewhat. There were certain “areas” of the room that were driving me crazy. So we moved some things around and it made me feel better. Now their tables aren’t so close together so hopefully that will cut down on some chatter and crowding.

Oh and let’s see I should end with a quote. There are LOTS of great quotes in 2nd grade.

And of course as soon as I typed that I drew a blank. That’s what happens when your brain has been going all day. 🙂


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