Here are a few of my favorite necessary things:

Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate: Chocolate and mint in a cup. Warm. Heaven. I had one on Thursday night, another on Friday morning and then a frozen version on Sunday. Sheesh I’m addicted. If I could drink these things all day long I would! (and I actually might when I start writing report cards soon!)


too bad starbucks doesn't put a peppermint stick in theirs!

Good Books: I just finished Two Wedding And A Bar Mitzvah by Melody Carlson. Delight and Friendship in a book. That’s what I’m calling it. And I am loving the bible study that my girls and I are doing – Living Beyond Yourself by Beth Moore. Seriously, I love Beth. I want to be her friend. Maybe someday soon.

Countdowns: I’m counting down the days till my track out begins! I have the entire period from Thanksgiving all the way until after New Years off. Yes you should be jealous. Extremely. Right now I have 11 days!!!

Movies: Yesterday my friends and I watched A Walk To Remember in between a couple of meetings at church. I love that movie. Every time it makes me teary eyed. And I have decided that I want to name my child Landon. End of story. Oh and P.S. the soundtrack is even more amazing.

TV: Having something fun to watch is a much needed break at the end of my day. Don’t hate me but I kind of am addicted to 30 Rock. I watched last week’s episode 2 times. I pretty much laugh the entire episode. It’s that good. Don’t judge me.

Lists/Organization: I rearranged my classroom last week just because some things were driving me crazy. I am trying to keep my room at home organized. And I dedicated an entire spiral notebook for my never ending to do lists at school. Lists are my friends.

That’s all for now. I need to go make a peppermint hot chocolate and get ready for a thrilling episode of Jeopardy!



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