Veteran’s Day

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. Our media teacher e-mailed us some video clips that we could show to our kids today if we had time. I figured, hey why not educate the kids with some good ol’ fashioned history. We watched the video during snack.

Afterwards since of course the video was kind of over their heads we had a discussion. I explained that Veteran’s day was about thanking and honoring people who have served in the military. I told the kids that we should tell these people and their families thank you for helping to protect (which was a vocabulary word the other week) our country.

Then of course I had some kids share some stories about people they knew in the military. Here was one dialogue:

Child: Miss R my Grandpa served in the army. He was in such and such war.

Miss R: That’s great! You should write or call your Grandpa and tell him thank you for protecting our country!

Child: But he’s dead!!!!!

Miss R: Well then.

(I wasn’t really sure what to say after that so I changed the subject and then ended snack.)

Is it sad that later I had a good laugh about the whole thing? I cannot believe what I said but what was even funnier was that the child totally stretched out the word “dead” with major exaggeration. 🙂


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  1. That story gave me a good laugh too! Love the blog, Julie 🙂


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