link loveliness

Boundless. Have you ever read/listened to Boundless? If not, you really should. Boundless is a ministry for Young Adults that is a part of Focus on the Family and it rocks. It really rocks. Those crazy people are all about getting married and honoring God in every part of your life. And they’re really funny and insightful all at the same time. I listen to the podcast on a regular basis, a lot of times while I am doing laundry or things around the house. You’ll definitely want to check out the Girl’s Guide to Marrying Well and the Guy’s Guide to Marrying Well.

The Inspired Room. Loveliness in a blog. I mean it. This blog is all about living simply and beautifully. There are some awesome decorating ideas that I really want to try including these epsom salt snow candles. And I really want to live in the bathtub in this post. Looking at the pictures on this blog is like taking a vacation.

Celebrating Christmas Blog. The posts on this blog are all from last year but they are great! A bunch of awesome ladies from my church wrote about how they celebrate Christmas with their friends and families with an emphasis on Christ.

Simply Breakfast – Man these breakfasts make me wish I actually got up in time to sit down and eat breakfast!



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2 responses to “link loveliness

  1. Thank you for including me in your links!!!

    Christmas blessings,

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