why I’m watching the Bachelor..

I am watching the Bachelor.

Ok go ahead, let the rebuke begin.

I really truly hate the premise of the show. The idea of all of these women going after one guy is so against my worldview. Guys pursue girls, not vice versa. That’s how it should be. That’s how God designed it to be.

Those thoughts aside, I seem to be hooked this season. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s highly entertaining. Or that watching it is a good stress release for me. Last week I watched the show with 2 other girls at a friends house. We yelled at the tv. It was so hilarious!

And here we go, what girl who’s ever seen the show wouldn’t admit that she wishes that guy would take her on some amazing dates like that? I think every girl really wants to be romanced and there is a huge romantic factor on the show. If anything, husbands could take a couple of the ideas (ok, the not so expensive ones) and try them out. I mean I would go to Six Flags on a date or try dune buggy driving. Hello, sounds fun!

If anything the Bachelor makes me realize how wonderful Christ is. He’s always pursuing me and my heart and will never turn me away! Heck, who needs a rose when you can have salvation?!!! I know that correlation is weak and all analogies fall extremely short but I do think that Christ pursues us and wants to romance us.

Last thing – catty women. Can’t stand em!!!! Those girls who are all tacking about the other girls and who they don’t like drive me CRAZY! Some of them act like they are all going to be best friends and be all buddy buddy. Seriously? You are on a show COMPETING for the same guy. In what realistic world do you think that you are all going to be friends? It just ain’t gonna happen!

p.s. One of my favorite authors, Kristin Billerbeck, blogs a recap of the show every week. It is my immediate read after I watch the show. Kristin shows some great thoughts and reflections on the show.


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