the Grammy’s.

I watched the Grammy’s last night.

I know, two posts in a row where I have started the post talking about some sort of television I have watched. Hi my name is Julie and I have a slight tv addiction.

Ok, no really I had some reasoning for watching the Grammy’s last night:

1. We have been snowed in since Friday night. There is only so much to do when you are snowed in. My unfit body can only take so many sledding runs (can we say sore muscles?) and Amanda and I were sick of watching Ace of Cakes.

2. My blog friend/blogger I love to read posts from/source of hilariousness Annie was at the Grammy’s! How cool is that! You’ll have to check out Annie’s pre-Grammy posts about the experience. As we were watching here at home I was stalking following Annie’s twitter, trying to see what it was really like to be there. It was like I had connections. But not really.

Annie is friends with Hillary of Lady Antebellum. They make some good music! And they won a Grammy for their song, Need You Now. Awesomeness!  And when I watched a Red Carpet Interview of them I totally saw Annie. How cool! Annie you are a celebrity!

Overall the show was pretty good. I’m hoping that Annie would say it was better in real life. We skipped through Lady Gaga’s questionable performance (her outfit was pretty questionable too. I would like to give the following Julie Awards for the show:

Best Dramatic Entrance: Black Eyed Peas (they literally jumped out of the floor/stage. super cool!)

Best Hilarious Entrance: Jamie Foxx. He was singing with opera people. So funny!

Best No Show of the Night: Kanye West. I think he even won a couple of collaboration awards but the man was not there. Guess he’s still afraid to show his face after cutting down Taylor at the VMA’s. But Beyonce did win some major Grammy’s so he should be happy now.

Best Apple Moment: When Steven Colbert pulled out the ipad to announce a winner. Very nice. His irreverent comment about Jesus later in the show was not so cool though. Very not cool.

I watched some of the behind the scenes and red carpet footage at and was excited to see some great Christian artists reppin!

Third Day was there.

So was Jeremy Camp. The man straight out said the Gospel was his whole reason for making his music. Way to go Jeremy!

Overall, it was a fun night of tv watching. I occasionally enjoy a dive into popular culture and entertainment. It makes me feel cool.

And I promise that some more posts are coming that have nothing to do with TV. Or entertainment. Seriously I do.


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