Works For Me Wednesday – Cleaning Motivation


Cleaning and I have a love-hate relationship:

I love clean places.

I hate the time it takes to get some places clean.

I love the smell of a clean room.

I hate using the chemicals to get the clean smell.

I love organization and things having homes.

I hate taking the time to organize when I would much rather spend time with people.

I am a “stress-cleaner”. When I get really stressed I have to clean and organize things. In college my dorm room and apartment became very very clean and tidy right when I had a test or a big paper due. I couldn’t get any of the important school work done until my surroundings were clean.

Sometimes though the motivation to clean runs low. I want that clean room but I don’t know how to start. I try to go with the “just do the next thing” mantra and dive in. I usually start by picking up and item and fully putting it away.

Well recently I have discovered one thing that gets me cleaning. Y’all know how much I love Boundless, right? Well let’s talk about the podcast. Lisa = absolute entertainment and wisdom all in one person. Boundless puts out a weekly podcast. So lately I have been turning on the podcast while I clean in my room. It gives me something else to think about and before I know it, I’ve gotten a whole lot done!

It also doesn’t hurt that the podcasts from Boundless are chock full of Biblical wisdom, great music, interviews with special guests and advice for everyday life. While I’m cleaning my environment my heart is getting a little work done as well.

So that’s what works for me – listening to Boundless while I clean. What works for you this Wednesday?

Works For Me Wednesday is hosted by We Are That Family.

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