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I tried to come up with a better title. For like 2 minutes. Then I gave up and that’s what you get. Sorry but you’ll deal. I actually have some clever and probably way  more interesting posts coming up but I felt like I needed to play some catch up first. Let’s use bullets, they are way more fun than ranting paragraphs.

* I haven’t posted in forever. My job has kept me very busy lately. Extremely busy actually.

* I still love that job. I feel like the luckiest person in the world. Well except when I watch kids throw up in the hallway, those are not my favorite moments. Or nosebleeds. Nosebleeds make me nauseous.

* I can’t believe that the school year is almost over! Craziness! This has been a fun (although crazy) year and this group of kids will always be special to me. They are so stinkin funny and cute. I’m going to miss them a lot!

* I had a birthday on Thursday. It was spectacular. The best ever. It’s going down in the books. I feel so lucky to have such great friends and family and I really enjoy just spending time with them. I love you people.

* Yet again, I somehow caught a virus. Which actually this year has been way better than I expected in the sickness department. The worst that I got was the double ear infection and then the costrochondritis/respiratory infection and that one was over track out so I had plenty of time to chill and feel better. I only took 2 sick days this year! 2!!! I feel like you should all give me a sticker for that.

* But of course my post birthday present was this virus that keeps coming and then going and then showing back up again. My throat is as raw as a cactus. I went to the urgent care on Memorial Day and they gave me this “Magic Mouth Rinse” stuff. I kid you not the official name of the drug actually contains the word magic. Too bad the magic only lasts for like 5 minutes.

* So I’m enjoying some down time and reading books and watching movies. (movie post to come soon!). It was sad because last night I was supposed to get dinner with some friends and I was hanging out with my friend Amy before and I totally fell asleep on her couch at 6:00pm. I quickly decided that some egg drop soup and a movie in bed was my best option for my night. I felt so much like crud that I didn’t even really want to be around people – which is pretty bad for me!

*I’m moving in one week! I’m so so so so so so so so so EXCITED! I started to get boxes out of storage and moved them over and at some point I guess I’ll have to pack up stuff from my room. But I cannot wait to live with my dear friend and enjoy some independence and lay on the super comfy couch for all of my track out. That’s right I may just live on that couch. It’s so comfortable. If you plan on seeing me this summer you better just come over cause I am not getting off that couch! Ok visions of the really large people from Wall-E just popped into my head. Scary. I’ll get off the couch…..Sometimes…..hehehe

* I’m thinking about having a pirate themed classroom next year. I saw some stuff at the teacher store yesterday and I about went crazy. It could be a swashbucklin good time!

* The end. More movies and fluids are calling my name.



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2 responses to “insert catchy title here

  1. Richie

    We are fighting the summer virus here at my house. I am getting over it but my wife is still sick.

    Get well soon!

    An Arkies Musings

  2. Good luck with your moving. Thanks for sharing.

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