the one with the paint color

Yesterday I had a nice blonde moment. I had a long workday at school where I couldn’t seem to focus and I was really tired. But somehow after school I decided to become ambitious and paint my new room that I am moving into. So I went to Lowe’s to get the paint.

I decided that I wanted to paint the room the same color that was in my apartment room in college. I loved that room and everything I have matches it so it works out rather nicely.  I got to Lowe’s and told the paint guy that I knew the name of the color but couldn’t find the sample. So he looked it up on the computer and printed me a little label to find the chip. I looked again and still couldn’t find it. I wanted to get the show on the road so I just told him to go ahead and mix it because I knew I loved it so much. I called mom to make sure that I got the right finish I wanted first.

So after they mixed it up I go to pick up the can and I can tell that this is not the right color. It looks lighter that what I remembered. But I figured that well it will dry darker so I bought it.

Once I got home I went into the garage and looked around for the old can of paint we used in Boone. When I found it and compared it to the paint I just bought it was very obvious that I got the wrong paint color.

So I drove to a different Lowe’s and told the nice paint man there what happened and showed him the can with the color I really wanted. Turns out that Serendipity comes in different brands and that’s where we messed up at the other store. So he mixed up the right brand and it looked fabulous.

Then I went to customer service and explained my dilemna to a nice old man named Ernest. Ernest was very understanding and let me exchange the paint for the new color. He even told me it was a gorgeous color.

4 hours later and lots of thanks to my fabulous parents the room had its first coat of paint. I’ve discovered that I’m not really a very good room painter. Ok, I pretty much suck at it but oh well. Dad ended up doing most of it and I did my best and tried to as much of the trim as possible. Mom was our assistant and prepper as she can’t paint because it bothers her shoulder.

So moral of the story, don’t ever get paint mixed without seeing the color first. And don’t be a blonde like me!


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