various and sundry

I’ve always wanted to have a post titled “various and sundry”. Such fun sounding words!

Seen Around the Web:

Catalog Living – My sister -in-law first introduced me to this blog while we were chillaxing at the beach and I fell in love. Jessica knows my true love of comedy and sarcasm and this hit the spot! Rebecca and I were looking at it one night and we were both dying of laughter! Basically the author takes pictures from catalogs and writes a running dialogue between a husband and a wife who “live” in the scenes. She points out the unusual things in the pictures that just don’t always makes sense.

If you’re a single girl out there I HIGHLY recommend this episode “Maximum Security” of the Boundless Podcast. Lisa and the girls hit on some great things during the “Girls Just Wanna Be Secure” segment about women our need to feel secure and what guys often interpret this as. I was shouting some amens as I listened!

I am so behind the times but Melissa over at the Inspired Room hosted the 3rd Annual Fall Nesting Party. Click over for links to tons of great posts all about fall nesting around the house! I got some great ideas and am very slowly trying to decorate our little house for fall.

Loved this post over at Small Notebook about Preparing Your Home for the Weekend. Simple yet inspiring.

Recently Watched:

Killers – What a great movie! I was cracking up the whole time. It was the perfect mix of romance/action and mild suspense!

Outsourced – A show about a call center in India. My dad texted me on Friday asking me if I had seen this show because he thought it was hilarious. My dad never texts me. So I figured I would check it out. It was absolutely awesome! I’m such an India nerd so I tend to be a little bit biased but I thought it was funny.

Love Potion Number 9 – This one is an old old Sandra Bullock movie. I watched it with some fun girls in Ohio during our trip. Unfortunately I fell asleep before the end but what I did see was pretty darn cute. 🙂

The Importance of Being Earnest – Such a classic! I needed something fun yet light to watch last week and put this one on our Netflix Instant Stream. I was so not disappointed.


*Seeing Lady Antebellum in concert last Thursday. Rebecca and I went and had a blast!!! We had pit tickets so we stood the whole time but we were so close to the stage it was entirely worth it! I have some fun pictures to post but of course I can’t find my memory card reader.

*Drinking Apple Cider – I was in Michigan on Saturday for a big Harvest Party with my roommate (more on that to come) and we drank A LOT of hot apple cider. It awoke the part of me that says “hello fall, come and stay awhile!”.

*Wearing Scarves – I am in love with scarf season. I would wear a black t shirt and a fun scarf every day if I could. It’s so simple yet fun. Scarves make me feel unique and eclectic. Scarves have stories, like coming from India or from a dear friend as a gif.

*Fall Decorating – I’ve gone a bit nesting crazy around the house. I found some super cute decorations and have transformed our living room/dining room/kitchen. Pictures to come!


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  1. Thanks so much Julie for the link. I am so excited about wearing scarves again too.

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