almost midnight musings

I should be going to sleep. Really I should be. I have pneumonia. I know my reaction was “whaaaattttt?” too when I first found out. I have been home sick since Wednesday which in my profession is a big deal. Taking a sick day also means writing sub plans, which is a hassle. But when I got to school on Wednesday morning I quickly realized that I could NOT be there.

I had a fever (ranging from a pesky 99 to a miserable 101), a dry cough that made my chest hurt like crazy, an off balance feeling, and some nausea. Great way to start a day, huh?

So after a trip to the doctor yesterday they told me I had a virus after the flu test was negative. I also was told that the chest x-ray didn’t show anything. WRONG because today they called me and told me that I have a mild case of pneumonia. Great, just great. I was already taking an antibiotic so they told me to please make sure I continued to take it and that I needed to come back into the office on Monday.

My fever is now gone (yay!) but the boredom is ever increasing. I’ve had some awesome visitors and people bring me stuff but after they leave I become boooorrreed. But also at the same time my humor and sarcasm often increases when I am by myself for extended periods of time. All of the sudden I find MYSELF hilarious but I have no one to tell all of my material to! Well ok, thank goodness for various forms of internet chatting, because they don’t hurt the lungs!

Things I want to tell you about, dear brave blog reader:

1. After they though I possibly had the flu at the doctor’s office, the nurse made me wear a surgical mask so that I wouldn’t infect other people. I totally get the reason and support it 100% but the thing was awful! It was completely unbreathable! I felt like a dork too. I had to walk over to the Lab and sit in the small waiting room there and of course all of these people are staring at me. Nothing says “hey look at me I’m REALLY sick” like a surgical mask. I don’t know how surgeons wear those things. My roommate the peds nurse told me that at the hospital they have fun mickey mouse masks. I probably wouldn’t have felt so bad about my scarlet letter of a mask if it at least had a fun character on it, right?

2. You should check out my friend Katie’s new blog Thrifty Finds and Redesigns. Katie has a knack for repurposing furniture and things to cutely decorate. She shows many craigslist items that could be transformed along with things she is doing in her own house. Katie was one of my suitemates in college and let me tell you, the girl has a sense of style!

3. Bebo Norman. I had to miss his concert tonight because of the lame pneumonia. I. Was. So. Bummed. I was looking forward to it so much! My parents went. My friend went with her sister instead of me. I sat on my couch and listened to his new CD, Ocean. Not the same, but his music is still the bomb dot com, double click. (I love using that expression, it’s one of my favorites.) And my cool friend Jason was kind and sent me a short vid of one of Bebo’s songs. πŸ™‚ Next time, Bebo, I will be there!!!

4. I’m hooked into a new series. I bought myself a pity book yesterday at the bookstore. Licensed for Trouble by Susan May Warren. It is soooo good! I got hooked right away. It was like a ride on a rollercoaster. The series is about a girl named PJ Sugar who is working to become a Private Investigator and all of the mysteries and crazy life experience she encounters along the way.I now have another book from the series and am excited to dig in! I already own many of her other books so when I found the PJ Sugar series it was like borrowing a new movie from an old friend.

5. Brooke Fraser‘s new album Flags just came out Tuesday and I bought it from itunes. Brooke is one of my favorites, as I’ve mentioned before and her music has not disappointed me. Flags was certainly no exception. And the last song in the Album “Who Are We Fooling?” is going down in the books as one of my favorite love songs. Ever.

In fact, I’ll leave you with the song, because it’s just a good ending.


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  1. Richie

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. πŸ™‚

    An Arkies Musings

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