dream a little dream for me

Ahh, Christmas time. Makes me want to sing the song “Christmastime is here, time for lots of cheer” But I’ll refrain and spare you all. What a wonderful time of year this really is. I’m currently enjoying a nice loooonnnng break from school. It’s been so completely refreshing. A friend asked me the other night what I’ve been doing during break and I had to think about it. Really it’s just been a little bit of this and that. I feel like I’ve just been living life, but at a normal speed, especially compared to the fast paced zoom my life usually is while I’m working. I love being able to focus on people and relationships and time with Jesus and not feel like I have to fit those things in with the humdrum and busyness of every day life. As I said before, break is refreshing.

As I’m being refreshed I feel that I am entering into a new season. God has been placing some things on my heart lately and we’re having lots of discussion. I can’t even describe in words what’s going on except for to tell you that it’s good and that our God is SO good. What a marvelous time of the year to be dreaming. I’m enjoying listening for his sweet whisper as he grows me up in him.

Annie wrote an inspiring post about dreaming the other week and the comments poured out. It’s been so neat to see people dream and dream big.

One thing in life that I have always loved is travel and adventure. I’ve dreamed of traveling somewhere ever since I came back from India and guess what????

I’m going somewhere.

In March I will be traveling to Belize to spend some incredible time with my dear friend Amber who is working as a pharmacist at a clinic there.

I am BEYOND excited.

Amber is like my home girl. We have some fun memories together and saying goodbye to her in October was crazy hard.

Rebecca & Amber

And Belize, that tiny country has always held a special place in my heart. I originally went there as a high school senior with my youth group at church. It was my first missions trip ever and I know that God used that short week to open my heart to missions. Without Belize, I don’t think I would have EVER ventured across the pond to hot, stinky, India.

Belize is beautiful! It’s a tropical paradise filled with some incredible people. And it sure doesn’t hurt that I’ll be able to enjoy some amazing sunshine and heat!

I have no clue how God will use this short time in my life, but I know he has something planned. I’m excited to travel with Him in March as he continues to show me his dreams for my life.

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  1. Way to go, sister. Dream on.

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