Christmases Past

Merry Christmas Eve!

Today is actually my favorite part of Christmas! My family has some fun traditions that my parents started with my brother and I were very little, my favorite being attending the Christmas Eve Love Feast at our church.

Friends and Family.

Christmas Carols that tell of the Saviour’s birth.

Scripture Reading.

And finally, singing Silent Night by Candlelight.

That last moment is my favorite moment of the year. Every year I wish that I could capture that feeling, the glow of the lights, the joy of Jesus, and the hope eternal. It’s a magical moment.

Tonight I’m going to try to capture some of it on camera. Not for long because I don’t think a picture will truly do it justice and I want to just enjoy it.

In the spirit of all things Christmas, here are some links to some previous Christmas Posts I have written. Not many, but there are some good stories! Enjoy and I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday Thirteen – Things I Love About Christmas

My Favorite Christmas Recipe – I’m actually about to start making these for a party tonight!

Christmas Catch-Me’s

A Christmas To Remember, Part 1 (Don’t go looking for Part 2, it never got written. Ooops!)

may your days be merry and bright




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