my first white christmas

Christmas became white this year. I have NEVER experienced a truly white Christmas before. We did have an icy Christmas when I was in middle school but that so does NOT count.

In the middle of Christmas dinner we looked outside at the porch and saw snow falling! It was soooo pretty!

My cul-de-sac

It was so deep! I think mom measured 6 inches in their yard.

Aunt Carol and I headed out in the snow for our first walk. Yep, we’re dorks!

My snowy street!

My Aunt and I headed over to my parental’s house to hang out for the day. Of course we had to make a snowman. Me and the nifty fifty crew (as I dubbed them) made a snowman while the brother and sister in law and Grandpa watched Whale Wars all day. Seriously, I so don’t get how you can watch that show all day.

I am a pretty awesome snowman builder. It’s all about the rolling and the packing.

There he is, Frosty the snowman. With seashell buttons and green pepper eyes. We had to get creative. At least he had a traditional carrot nose and branches for arms!

In the afternoon we played some Mexican Train Dominoes, which is always a blast. My brother and I become quite competitive when we play ANY kind of game so it can get kind of intense.

Later, we watched a Hallmark movie that I had from Netflix – Hidden Places.

It was good, typically cheesy and Dad and I spent half of the movie predicting what would happen next. We were pretty much right on, except for one event that we did not see coming. I do have to say that the male main character was pretty good looking too. I mean that never hurts. 🙂

All in all, a wonderful snow day with the fam.


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