mouse in the house

Shortly before my roomie left to go out of town for Christmas she told me that we had a third roommate.

Uh, excuse me?

That’s right, she told me that we have a mouse in the house.


That was my initial reaction. Times about 200.

And then, she had the AUDACITY to tell me that when I moved into the house, back in June, there was a mouse in the house then too.

Of which she did not tell me about.

Seriously? Seriously?

No really, I do love my roomie and understand that she was trying to protect squeamish me from constantly living in fear of the mouse.

So a couple weeks ago, we had to get down to business.

My awesome friend Sybil, and her new hubby Phil came over for dinner one night and Phil was so kind to put out all of the traps for me. I don’t want to touch those traps. No way.

A week later when my Aunt came to stay with me for Christmas, we still hadn’t caught the darn varmit. My Aunt was coming up with all sorts of crazy schemes to catch the thing.

Then one fine day I was about to put laundry in the washer when I looked down and found the first victim in a trap.

I squealed. I screamed. Yuck!

Major yuck!

I later got up the courage to use the broom to get the trap with the mouse out of the washer area and then I quickly picked up the side of the trap that had no mouse and threw it outside. Yep, I just chucked it out the door. (Don’t worry later my Aunt disposed of it properly.)

Today my friend Lori and I were in the kitchen and I was telling her about how I was so mad that that darn varmit kept eating all of our chocolate and nuts. I mean chocolate is like gold around this house. We don’t kid about our chocolate.

She asked if she could check something in the kitchen and I said sure. She opened the cabinet doors underneath the sink and sure enough there was dead mouse #2.

I squealed. And screamed. And basically acted like a fraidy-cat.

So that’s 2 for the house, 0 for the mouse.

Next, David is going to set out those glue traps. These things:

That means that once the mouse is caught, it will STILL BE ALIVE.

Please pray for me, I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to handle finding a LIVE MOUSE in my house.

Well it’s back to the mouse hunt!

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  1. Richie

    When we were first married we liven in a old house that seemed impossible to keep the mice out of. We had a mouse who lost all fear of us and would walk across the middle of the floor, standing there and looking at us. Best of luck with your mouse hunt.

    An Arkies Musings

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