mouse in the house, part deux

That title should really read “mice” in the house. Because there has been more than one.

My sweet landlords (also my roommate’s parents) got me a little thank you present for looking after their dog while they were out of town. This is what I got:

Yeah, I was so NOT pleased with it. They said they wanted me to have a friend to go with all of the other friends we have been living with.

Thursday night was when all of the excitement went down. I came home from work exhausted to the max. Getting back into a routine has so NOT been easy. I was planning on going to bed early. Planning is the key word there.

As I was doing some things in my room I heard a scurrying noise coming from the kitchen. A mouse, I thought and immediately shivers went down my back! Eeekkk! At this point I realized that my phone was in the living room so I mustered up the courage to quickly run in and get it, then run back to my room. I called my mom to share the news and beg for some assistance and she was not as shocked as me. She told me to set some traps.

I finally went into the kitchen and began to clean things up. I checked the traps and sure enough there were 2 dead mice. It was like a two for one special on finding dead mice in your house. Yuck!

I called my landlord to tell him of the news and he came over later and disposed of the carcasses and set out new traps. We also cleaned out a drawer in the kitchen of nuts/chocolate/pudding mix so that the mice would have nothing to eat. After he left I cleaned up th a kitchen until it sparkled. I wasn’t going to give that mouse anything to eat or get excited about.

Off to bed I went trying to shake off the earlier events. Have you ever tried to go to sleep after finding dead creatures in your house? It is not easy! All I could think about were little feet scurrying around the kitchen.

Just as I was getting comfy in bed I heard a loud “SNAP” come from the kitchen. Oh dear.

I called the Roomie on the phone because there is no way I was going to let her miss out on all the fun. I told her what happened that I just heard another one die. I decided to go see where it was with her on the phone. I put on shoes because I did not want any mice eating my toes and I grabbed a hammer. Roomie questioned the hammer and really I have no good answer except that it felt right at the time.

So I’m sure this is a comical thing to picture, me in my pajamas in the kitchen with shoes on and hammer in my hand. I checked near the washer first. No mouse there. Under the sink. No mouse there. Opened the former silverware drawer (our silverware now lives in the dishwasher where it is cleaned every night) and yep there’s the culprit. Of course I screamed loudly and shrieked and Roomie was laughing on the phone. Really she got a big kick out of the whole things. She finds it hilarious that I am the one to find them all when she’s not there. Literally I have been the one to find every single dead mouse.

My kind landlord came back over to dispose of dead mouse #3 of the evening and I put a fan in the hallway so I wouldn’t be able to hear anything. I eventually went to sleep much later than I had planned.

And guess what I found the next morning near the washer? Mouse #6. Six dead mice in this house.

No more findings since then though I check the traps regularly.

On Friday one of my  coworkers told me that she had a book for me to read to my kids. I thought she really was being kind and wanted to share so I went into her classroom. “Here it is,” she said and handed me none else than Stuart Little. Needless to say I was less than thrilled.


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One response to “mouse in the house, part deux

  1. Amity

    What a strange gift! Maybe one day you’ll look back at it and remember your triumph over the mice! Also the Stuart Little coincidence was just too much…. I still can’t believe your roomie didn’t tell you about the mouse first. I feel like that’s an important thing to tell you about the place you will be living.

    Hopefully your next place will be mouse free and the days of snapping traps will be behind you!

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