small group

Monday nights this year have become special to me. I joined a new small group of girls from church. I love it! These ladies are so much fun and I have enjoyed getting to know each of them. Before Christmas we read the book Life Together by Dietrich Boennhoffer. I will not lie and admit that I did not read all of it. What I did read was incredible and challenging.

This semester we will be starting The Gospel and Personal Evangelism by Mark Dever. I have never read any of Dever’s books but have heard great things about many of them so I’m excited. My goal for January is to read my chapter each week with diligence. Be praying for that!

Our last meeting before Christmas break we had a potluck dinner and also wrapped up presents to go to Laura’s students (another teacher) who would not else be getting Christmas presents. We had a blast wrapping, eating, and then playing around with the camera.

I can’t wait to reconnect tonight as we begin the New Year together!


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