And… Action!

Living with a roommate can bring about all sorts of changes as two people learn to live with each other’s quirks and habits. I didn’t quite expect to pick up this particular habit though.

I am currently addicted to Action Movies & TV Shows.

For those of you who know me well you know that this is a BIG deal. I am usually more of a chick-flick, happy go lucky TV and movie watcher. But after living with Amy for 6 months I have developed some new loves.

It all started with Firefly. (Also known as Serenity.) It’s like Star Wars meets John Wayne. We borrowed the entire series on DVD from a friend and thus an interrupted marathon of sorts began.

Then came White Collar. After an afternoon of this show I quickly began to watch all of the previous episodes in our DVR. My dear friend Grace and I spent many Sunday afternoons laying on my couch watching White Collar.

Last summer we both were big Covert Affairs fans. Covert Affairs is written by the same people who made the Bourne movies so it’s high action. I cannot wait for it to come back this summer! Sometimes in the hum drum of daily life, I wish that I was Annie with all of the excitement. And then I realize how much I like sleeping. 🙂


Most recently I have gotten into Human Target. Again this was a show that whenever Amy turned on I went and did something else because I was so NOT into it. And now I am completely in love with it. People come to Chance and his team for protection after all else fails. It’s high action filled with witty characters. I love wittiness.

So now the question is, what shows have you hooked currently?



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3 responses to “And… Action!

  1. Richie

    I loved the Firefly series. It is may all time favorite show.

    An Arkies Musings

  2. Firefly was the series, Serenity was the major motion picture to wrap the series up after it was cancelled after only 1 season by Fox. Jeeze Julie, get it right! :-p

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