On Saturday my fabulous Mom gave me two bags/boxes of “memorabilia” from my old room and said that the contents are not allowed to reenter her house again. I think she’s trying to get rid of my stuff folks.

Today in my snow day/but not enough to go sledding boredom I decided to go through one box. And by go through I mean look through it all and put it back in a box. I’m not good at organizing memorabilia.

Here are some lovely things that I found.

That’s right, my First Grade Report Card.

Yep I got all C’s which means Commendable in Conduct. I was a perfect angel to say the least. My 1st grade teacher actually goes to my church now so I see her sometimes!

Teacher’s comments:

Second Reporting Period:

“Julie is a very cooperative and confident student. She can be depended on to follow class rules and to help others. Keep her reading at home and writing stories.”

Third Reporting Period:

“Julie’s reading is progressing very nicely. I would like for her to read more Book Club books. Keep up the good support at home! Conduct and work habits are super!”

Haha! I’m sure what Mrs. Bundy really wanted to say was “Julie is a sweet but extremely talkative student. She often tells other students how exactly to follow class rules. She only wants to read her own choices.”

And let me just say for the record, Report Cards are WAY harder to write these days! I laughed seeing how little they had to do on those report cards!

My nameplate. I loved nameplates as a student. I now love nameplates as a teacher. I have a hard time picking out which ones to use at the beginning of the year. And my student love nameplates too – they love to play with them and try to peel them off their desks!

Then to fast forward in my life to my senior year of high school. My super artsy and cool friend Megan made all of the girls we hung out with in high school “awards”. Mine was about busting out white girl moves, which I must admit I did in the car most days to and from going out to lunch. Megan and I went to college together and we’re still great friends. I love her. I love this.

A paper that was in the back of one of my high school binders. What’s awesome is that I still love SUE Thomas! I got the entire DVD set from my parents for Christmas! Oh Yannick, you are so good looking.

I may be able to do dishes and organize the refrigerator but I seem to have zero ability to organize papers, especially ones with memories attached. What random things do you have lying around? How do you organize them?




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3 responses to “memories

  1. Rebecca

    You are totally taking a leaf out of Jon Acuff’s blog with the ending questions.

  2. Aunt Carol

    I love your blog. Your descriptions of report card comments made me laugh as I am presently in the process of writing them today. I have one down and 2o more to go before Friday.

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