Hymns II

Everyone has special things. Things that are maybe not only useful or pretty but are full of meaning and memories.

Ever since I can remember my mom has had a hymn book called Hymns II. She got it at Urbana 1976 when she was in college. Back in the day. Sorry to age you mom! Mom always has her Hymns book with her Bible and uses it during her devotions. As a teenager I started to cherish the old words written on those pages and would often “borrow” her hymn book. There were even a couple times in college where it may have traveled places with me.

This year for Christmas I had a present under the tree that I had no clue what it was. I buy all of my presents and just request money or request exact items. So it was odd to have a surprise present. Mom said it was something she wanted me to have.

When I opened the package I found my very own Hymns II book. I looked at Mom and said “how in the world did you find this?” I have looked online countless times before but have never been able to find the exact ’76 edition.

I choked up as I flipped through the pages of this treasured gift. Not only did Mom give me a gift that is rich in truth, theology and mainly Christ, she gave me a small piece of herself. For years I will read the hymns in this book and know that someone I love cared enough to find something special for me. Hopefully way in the future I’ll be able to share my Hymns II book with my children.

Hymns II is arranged by topic and has a variety of hymns.

I love how each hymn has a corresponding scripture.

But most of all I love the person who gave it to me. You’re the best, mom!



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2 responses to “Hymns II

  1. LaBranda

    Such a great book!

  2. Mom

    From your nifty fifty mom….I’m so glad I was able to wait until Christmas to give it to you. There were a couple times I almost pulled it out early, but I’m glad the Lord helped me to wait for His timing. Enjoy the richness of the words. Love ya, Mom

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