Big Words

Happy MLK Day everyone! I celebrated by sleeping in till 10:00! 🙂

In all seriousness though I think that today is a good time to reflect on history and how it affects our lives today.

Martin Luther King Jr. certainly had a big legacy that helped change our country. One of my favorite things as a teacher to share during this time is a book called Martin’s Big Words.

The book tells about Dr. King’s life and some of the big thoughts he had:

“Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can drive out hate.”

“You are as good as anyone.”

We had some good conversation in class about what these big words mean and the legacy Dr. King left.

We also watched this video:

It was awesome! It has the voice of Whoopie Goldberg and the Reading Rainbow guy. The kids were so sad when we had to turn it off to go to Specials.

So today, think about the legacy MLK left. I’m challenged to think about the legacy I am leaving. Am I loving others? Am I making a difference and showing Christ to the world?

Just some thoughts to ponder.



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