the green thumb adventures

I so DON’T have a green thumb. I have a history with plants. My cool mom, on the other hand, has a beautiful garden full of flowering things year round.

In college I got a lily that I tried to keep in Rebecca and I’s apartment. It was really nice.

Until I forgot about it and went home for Spring Break. I came back to a dead plant.

Last June, two of my dear friends from college, Rachel and Justin, got married. The centerpieces at the reception were these gorgeous potted plants in galvanized tin buckets with purple tulle tied around them. I got to take one home with me afterwards.

That plant is awesome. I kept it above the kitchen window at first which made watering it a cinch. All I did was stick the entire thing under the tap for a couple seconds.

Then it started to grow and grow and grow and it had to be moved from the windowsill. Mom says that it’s an impatient. I don’t get the name because it is completely patient. I can forget to water it for 3 or more days and it will start to wilt and look awful. Then I water it and within a couple hours it looks perfectly healthy again.

There was a period over the summer where the roomie and I had fresh flowers in the house literally ALL the time. Most of them were from her soon to be hubby but I also got some for my birthday. I’m blessed to have family and friends that remember that this single girl  loves to be given flowers!

On New Year’s Eve I made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s for some fun things and I saw some cute lily plants by the register. I decided to give it a try and bought one.

I put it above the kitchen sink hoping for the same results as my other plant. It was very easy to water but after a couple of days roomie and I started to notice something. The plant stunk! Like it literally did not smell good. So we put it outside on the porch.

Fast forward 2 weeks, past some snow and ice storms and very very cold weather. I went outside today to see how the thing was doing and IT IS STILL ALIVE! I couldn’t believe it. And not only is it alive, it’s flowered!

So apparently my bad luck with plants may have changed!

And though these aren’t real I was excited to bring them out as a part of Valentines/Spring decorations.

What kinds of flowers are your favorites? Do you have a green thumb? (If not, there is hope!)


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