my feelings exactly

After weeks of sickness going around at school I’ve finally succumbed. I thought I was doing well with all of the liquid drinking and hand washing but I knew it was inevitable. And my poor roommate has been sick for a couple weeks now so I’m pretty much constantly consumed my germs. So I got a lovely cold. Oh well.

Last night on a Friday night I fell asleep at 9:30. Sheesh that’s early, even for me! I was wiped! Today I’m having a complete day off, a day of nothing. Except for loading the dishwasher and sweeping the floor (I had to, I’m slightly perfectionistic about a clean house) I have done nothing today but lay on the couch and watch at least 4 episodes of Lie to Me.  And I”m not planning on moving for a while!


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  1. Yuck, I hate being sick! it’s nice that you at least have nothing to do but watch TV – wonderful treatment, I think!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ve been enjoying reading your blog! I hope you drop by again soon!

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