Belize Teaser: Write The Captions Style


Bueanas Tardes!

That’s pretty much all of my Spanish folks. I’ve spoken a lot of Spanglish the past 2 weeks and looked like a complete blond, American fool who is out of her comfort zone. Which I completely was a blonde, American fool who was out of her comfort zone.

Still am, technically. We’re in Cancun and then I’ll catch my flights back home tomorrow. So Amber and I are living up the Mexican lifestyle. Oh yeah. And by living it up I mean eating McDonald’s for lunch, laying by the pool and now watching sitcoms in English in our hotel. Yeah, real cultural things I know.

I thought I would give you all a teaser of my trip with some photos! The catch? You have to write the captions. Each picture has a number so if you want to give it a try simply leave a comment with your captions. Should be fun! (To my personal friends, be nice – that’s all I’m gonna say about that!)





That”s all for now! Be sure to leave a comment and let the fun begin!




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4 responses to “Belize Teaser: Write The Captions Style

  1. Amity

    #3 “Look Mom! I match!!!”

  2. Amity

    #4 “Ms. Richardson is my tongue pink?”

  3. Lauren Hoffert

    no caption but make sure the airplane bathrooms are VACANT before using!!

  4. #4 Junior getting bored of posing for pictures!


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