shopping & monsters

Yesterday I decided to do some coupon fun and have a little track out field trip. I love track out field trips. Basically all that means is that I think of somewhere to go in Raleigh that is fun to occupy my time. I also LOVE going places in the middle of the day. For someone who’s weekdays always keep me at work going places in the middle of the day is freeing. It feels like I’m playing hooky. Except I’m not because I’m on vacation!

Yesterday I went to the new North Raleigh Whole Foods. I’ve been watching this thing be built for the past year and I thought it would never open. Wednesday on my way down the road I saw it open and knew immediately I would have to take a field trip!

I found some coupons online at the Whole Foods website and off I went. First of all I was like a kid in a candy shop just walking around and looking at everything. There are so many cool things there including:

– make your own granola station

– make your own nut butters (peanut, soy, etc)

– the amazing lunch counter and TONS of seating

– about 40 million flavors of my roomie’s dairy free ice cream

– fresh fresh flowers

The list could go on and on! Oh and there were free samples galore! I ended up spending way MORE than I had planned but the day before I talked myself out of buying $50 worth of books at Borders so I figured it all evened out. Here’s what I got:

Blackberries – yum yum!

Green Superfood Chocolate Packets – for making the dark chocolate covered strawberry green monster by Meet Virginia

Pistachio Gelatto – it was on sale. is that rational enough? I’m only allowing myself to have like 3 bites at a time because it’s soooo rich.

Almond Breeze – I use it for smoothies and such and each carton was $2 or less – a deal for sure!

Edamame – I love the stuff!

Greek Yogurt – with a coupon

Frozen Strawberries

Irish Cheese – there was a sample and it was amazing! the marketing definitely worked on me. I searched for the smallest package available. Already enjoyed some last night with tomatoes and scrambled eggs.

LarabarsLaura also has me hooked on these. They are SO completely good!! I’m trying lots of new flavors this week.

Later in the day I went to Harris Teeter to use some coupons during Super Doubles and I saved a ton! I got a bunch of stuff for 5 bucks! Woop! I went back this morning and stocked up on some more things. I love couponing.

And this morning I made the dark chocolate covered strawberry green monster. It was amazing! I was a bit skeptical putting spinach into it but you cannot taste it at all! I promise! I will definitely be making it a lot!

On another food related note I really enjoyed eating this the other night in Cancun. We ate dinner at this cute little place where we sat outside under twinkling lights. Lobster Empanada. Oh my dear goodness it was amazing!

So now that I’m in a healthy mode/kick I need more recipes and ideas. What are your favorites?



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2 responses to “shopping & monsters

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  2. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the Green Monster AND the Larabars! I want to get better at coupon-ing so I can save money – I’m workin’ on it!

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