gourmet girls

Last night, one of my favorite people ever, Rebecca, came over for dinner. I was in the culinary mood so I said I would cook dinner. I cooked things all from my current Real Simple magazine and Cooking Light’s website, MyRecipes.com. It was delicious!

I really enjoy cooking during track out because I have the time to look for new recipes, go to the grocery store and actually cook without feeling like I’m in a frenzy. It’s a very fun and relaxing thing! I should try to work it into my busy work week if possible!

For appetizers (fancy I know) I made Chocolate Bruschetta. It’s very simple yet tasty! Not a dessert kind of chocolate recipe but sweet and salty all at the same time. The orange zest really makes it!

I also made Nectarine, Prosciutto, and Arugula bundles. So simple but so yummy! I love anything wrapped in prosciutto!

For dinner we had Greek Chicken Pita Pockets and Peas with Feta and Prosciutto. Both recipes were from my Real Simple magazine, which I adore. I’ve never actually tried a recipe from one before so this was a first. They were both very tasty!

We had such a fun time eating and catching up. I love friendships where you can just sit and talk for hours. It was great to catch up!

After dinner and doing the dishes (thanks Rebecca) we decided to watch a movie. We couldn’t seem to find anything on Netflix that we like but ended up choosing a very cheesy family one called You’re So Cupid. It was cheesy beyond belief but we were slightly intrigued. Then they added this weird magic element and it all went downhill. At least it made us laugh. It was a great Friday evening!


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