Saturday, my dear friend

What a fantastic Saturday. I slept in, watched some TV (30 Rock, The Office) and ate another Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabar with a banana. So amazingly good! I can’t even describe how wonderful the taste combination is. With a glass of milk. You must have the larabar and banana with a glass of milk.

This afternoon I headed across town to hang out with some friends. First I had Pei Wei with Laura. We had a great time catching up and talking about all sorts of things! Unfortunately I was lame and didn’t take any pictures while we were there. After lunch we went into the mall to do a little shopping. I didn’t buy anything but it was fun to walk around!

Then Amity and I went to Barnes & Noble for some coffee and book enjoying. We’re totally pro’s at the book enjoying process. It was really crowded so we had to walk around for a while until we found a table by a window – my preference. And then we sat at this tiny table and chatted while I kept my eye on a much better corner table. As soon as I saw the person who was there pack up and leave we were off. It was super hilarious, we were “hunting” for the best table.

We always go get large stacks of books of whatever interests us and then browse through them while talking and drinking coffee. Except we didn’t get coffee. Hah! Amity got some sort of Vanilla Chai Latte.

And I got a Blackberry Izze! What a treat! (Ignore my cheesy book reading pose.)

We love book browsing times. (Like my new glasses? They’re Kate Spade! Possibly the only Kate Spade I will ever own!)

This was my selection of books:

Can you tell I’m really into cleaning/housekeeping/organization? I love decorating and cleaning and most of the time cleaning! It’s slightly addicting. Kind of like couponing. My roomie and I discussed the other day how couponing can be addicting. I also of course had to be a dork and get some teacher books.

I really wanted to eat this fruit pie!

I didn’t realize this until an hour after we had been sitting at the table (typical) but there is an interesting mural on the wall.


It was a cloudy and rainy day.

While reading Real Simple, Amity learned about this fun website Do I Need an Umbrella? It’s super cute!

We were right next to the greeting cards so we had some fun looking at them. I love this Mary Engelbreit one.

My mom loves Mary Engelbreit too. Mary is from St. Louis, where my mom is from too. Mom has some framed prints and such of hers and even a t-shirt that says “You ain’t seen cute till you’ve seen St. Louis”. Too bad I don’t have a picture of that. I always buy her mini calendar to use at work.

Though I didn’t buy any books (that’s why it’s called book “browsing”) we had a fantastic afternoon. Have I mentioned that I love friends and friendships? Cause I really do!



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One response to “Saturday, my dear friend

  1. Amity

    I’m not going to lie, I think this is one of your best posts ever! I love our Barnes and Noble dates Julie!

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