From Head to Foot by Annie Downs

I read another book in Belize but didn’t want it to be just another number in my list. This one deserves an entire post.

Annie is the double click. She’s so cool y’all! She writes over at Annie Blogs and InCourage. I found her blog a couple of years ago and I’m hooked! Line and sinker!

Annie is really down to earth and hilarious. She writes what she thinks and so many times I just want to scream “get out of my head”! It’s ridiculous! She has some fun stories and cool videos.

Annie is also vulnerable and honest in her writing. She tells it like it is. I love her humble spirit and encouraging words!

So when I heard Annie was writing a book I was excited. Once it came out I snagged a copy and decided I would wait until Belize to really treasure it as I read it. I began reading it late one night with my headlamp (I was stylin!).

What truth! From Head to Foot is full of so much truth that young women need to hear! I wish this book had been around when I was a teenager! Annie writes about how unique God has made us and how we can glorify Him using our bodies! The book reads perfectly and as Annie says at the beginning, it’s like sitting down with her for coffee for a girl heart-to-heart.

I’m not done reading the whole book yet as I want to savor it and think it through. It’s that good folks! I’m already making a list of friends who I know would enjoy it!

So go buy From Head to Foot and then start reading Annie Blogs! She also tweets, if that’s your style.

And guys (if there are actually any of you reading my blog) buy it for your sister, girlfriend, friend, whomever!


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