Spring Decorations Tour

Hello! Welcome to my Spring Abode!

My stoop/porch (what do you call it?) was in need of a new mat as the old one was severely battered to I got this one at Ross for $6!

This is the mantel. It’s quite large so I always try to add height to fill up the space. The tulips are fresh from Whole Foods!

The glazed pots are from Home Depot and the Jars, Marbles, and Lemons were all around the house. I love the blue/yellow color combination!

I painted the canvases myself using a stamp. It was really easy and very fun!

Have I mentioned that I love the yellow tulips? Tulips just scream “Spring is here!”. I like Spring. And I’m glad it’s finally here.

I’m very pleased with this frame and picture of the roomie and me.

I also got pink tulips for the dining room table.

They’re exquisite!

What are your favorite signs of spring?



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