Foolish April Flowers

Don’t ask about the title. It just came to me and I like it. It makes no sense at all. Don’t analyze it!

Although today is April Fool’s day, which I forgot until I heard it on the radio this morning. I have to admit, I was slightly happy that I didn’t have my students today because I KNOW they would have tried to pull something over on me. They’re good like that. I remember one April Fools’ day in high school on the morning announcements they told us that the next year school would be starting an hour later. We were all so excited – until we realized it wasn’t for real!

I’ve always wanted to do the one where you put a rubber band around the spray nozzle on the sink and then when your roommate or spouse turns on the faucet they get sprayed! The thing is, I use the sink so much when I’m home that I’m afraid I would forget what I did and therefore end up spraying myself! Then the joke would be on me!

What’s funny now is how many companies and websites now try to play some sort of April Fools’ day joke. Here are some I found today:

Gmail Motion

Starbucks Mobile Pour

Hulu – Website looks like it’s from the 90’s.

Kodak – Relationshifft – Get rid of people from photos that you don’t like. Haha!

Last year my friend Lauren and her hubby told everyone they were pregnant. I found out through a friend who saw it on Twitter. I was very upset that I didn’t at least get a text from her. They even doctored an ultrasound picture from their first one so that it looked current. That night they told everyone it was an April Fools’ joke. Sheesh! Good thing I still love her and am happy that they are actually pregnant again.

Well, a little humor if it’s all in good fun makes for a little spice in life! Right? Any good jokes you’ve heard about today?


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