Day to Day in Belize

After getting there and settling in for a couple days I stopped at one point and realized that I felt like I was right where God wanted me to be. I was living life. With a dear friend. In a beautiful place. And enjoying some refreshment! What a great time it was!

Here’s my bed in Amber’s house, complete with Mr. Bear hanging out. (He loves traveling to foreign countries just as much as I do!) The pink cover is a sarong that I got when I went to Belize with my church as a senior in high school. It was fun to bring it back to its place of origin!

Here’s Amber hard at work while giving me a face about taking a picture. I told her the peeps here wanted to see her in action!

The sky over one of the village houses at night. It stormed really bad this night but the rain sounded so cool on Amber’s tin roof!

Patchakan means “behind the savannah” in Spanish. This is the savannah:

My first Friday we took the little bus (called the Tzuhl bus) into the closest town, Corozal. Corozal is right on the Corozal bay and is about 8 miles from Patchakan. But with the bumpy roads and many stops the ride takes about 25 minutes. We had lunch at a fun place, RD’s. I got a Sprite and Amber got a Pineapple Fanta. I quickly learned that Pineapple Fanta is the best drink ever and from then on that’s what I got when we went out to eat!

Amber in the Corozal Town Square


Amber and her friend Patty

That’s all for today! Don’t forget to come back Friday and enter the giveaway!




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2 responses to “Day to Day in Belize

  1. Hi Julie! Wandered over to your blog….how cute! Just saw your picture of Bananagrams above. I bought a Bananagram day-by-day calender for my desk at work and I’ve got all my coworkers loving it. We have “Bananagram Fact or Fiction” Wednesdays (Fact or fiction questions testing our banana knowledge) and it has become quite the event. Thanks for inspiring that! haha.

    Hope you’re doing well! ~Ashlee

    • Hey Ashlee! Glad you are having so much fun with bananagrams – it’s so much fun isn’t it?? I feel like I am spreading happiness by teaching people how to play, hehe! Hope you’re doing well too!

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