Ultimate Blog Party 2011 – Just Julie

I’m linking up to the Ultimate Blog Party! Check it out and see what all the fun’s about! I found out about it through Katie, and I’m excited to find some new blog friends!

If you are coming to Just Julie from the partay (way more fun to say that party) welcome! Here a couple things about me!

1. I’m an elementary school teacher by day and a CIA spy by night. Ok, not so much on the latter but I DO like to watch action tv shows and movies about spies.

2. My blog is about, well pretty much anything and everything. You can find posts about decorating, crafts, my friends, my thoughts on things, movies, books, TV, and of course my endless blonde moments.

3. I’m trying to become a better blogger and post more frequently and comment on other people’s blogs as well. So please, let’s become bloggy friends! Leave a comment and I will check out your blog!

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One response to “Ultimate Blog Party 2011 – Just Julie

  1. aw Julie! I’m a fan of spy related movies and shows too! yay! *high5!

    hopped over form UBP11 xoxo

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