Blessed beyond Measure

It’s been a busy kind of couple days, folks. I am trying to get back into the swing of things you know, what with working all day long and everything (my schedule spoils me). My energy levels are crazy. In the mornings I am so unhappy to be awake. Yesterday as I laid in bed trying to convince myself to get out of bed (the alarm had already gone off twice) I seriously told myself “You are such a grouch!”. And then in the afternoon’s I’m either full of energy and ready to Zumba or wiped and barely making it to the couch.

Today I wasn’t feeling so hot. Ok actually I was feeling very HOT. I’m pretty sure the heat is still on in my classroom and combined with the warm weather it’s a sauna in there. I also think I’ve got a cold or allergies or whatever so I was not at my peak. As I sat working with some kids during math this afternoon it just hit me, that though I may not be feeling super fantastic, I am blessed beyond measure.

I have a job that I love, love, love. (As Eloise would say).

At that job I have awesome kids that make me smile and laugh.:)

I have a family that is the best. Seriously, they are. My mom is a rock star. She made roast beef last night and called to ask if I would like some as well. My dad offers to take me out to lunch on workdays and does my taxes for me all the while listening to my funny stories.

My friends rock the free world. They let me tell them fun 2nd grade stories, they bring me starbucks sometimes, and basically they are encouraging as all get out. I’m especially enjoying getting to know some new friends this year!

I come home to the cutest house every afternoon. It is comfortable and homey.

I have a cozy bed to crawl into every night.

I have clean running water to drink daily.

I eat well (probably too well).

I have things to read and watch and plenty of crafts to make.

I have a small group of ladies that hold me accountable each week.

I go to a church that preaches the WORD, encourages community and outreach, and is like a second home to me.

Most of all, I have a loving Father, who for some reason completely unknown to me saw it fit to love me. That alone is way more important that any material blessing.

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