funtastic friday

Fridays are meant for fun. I’m a huge fan of Fridays. Fridays and I, we’re tight.

Friday night after crashing on the couch and watching an episode of Army Wives (totally my guilty pleasure) I met my dear friend Amity to see the movie Soul Surfer.

When I got to the theatre there was a man standing outside with a parrott. Yes, a parrot. It was some sort of cross promotional deal for the movie Rio. So of course as soon as Amity got there I told her we had to take pictures with the parrot. I mean how often do you see a parrot at the movie theatre?

I felt like I was back in Belize!

Amity loved the parrot.

Soul Surfer was incredible! It was one of those movies that I knew ahead of time I would love and I was entirely spot on!

Of course I cried. I cry a lot in movies. Fox and the Hound – can’t handle that movie. Any movie about animals hurt makes me bawl. Anything with even a hint of sentimentalness, true romance, or faith gets me good.

Afterwards Amity said she wanted to get some frozen yogurt at a place nearby. So I jumped in her car and off we went.

Little did I know it was Marmalade Skies, the place that Laura blogs about all the time.

Good thing they had directions because I was a little completely overwhelmed.

I went a little crazy and got Tart, Cran-Raspberry Tart, Tart, and Cake Batter with waffle cone pieces, dark chocolate chips and strawberry explosions all covered in marshmallow sauce. It was very yummy – the cake batter was definitely my favorite! Next time (yep I’m already planning) I think I need to try the peanut butter and chocolate.

We sat around and ate our yummy conconctions and caught up on life. There were a ton of families with kids running around and some middle school girls doing some sort of dance outside that kept cracking us up. What a fun night!


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  1. lauravirginia

    Wooo hooooo!!!! So glad you got to try Marmalade Skies! I just went there tonight! Isn’t it the best?! 🙂

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