First, a history lesson. As in the history of me!

Almost 6 years ago (ok now I feel old) I met a sweet, beautiful curly-haired girl named Taylor. We literally met in the bathroom that connected our two rooms in our dorm. Taylor and her dear friend Katie lived in one room and then Lauren and I lived in the room next door. The four of us became fast friends.

We had late nights staying up watching One Tree Hill, wednesday dinners at McAllister’s, and endless silliness.

We called ourselves the “suiteys”.

My sweet Taylor is getting married in June. Taylor is the best! She’s so much fun to be around, constantly encouraging, and always makes me laugh.

Taylor and I were partners in crime in many elementary ed classes together. Together we made even the most boring lectures interesting!

Yesterday, Katie and I met in Raleigh and then drove to Charlotte for a shower for Taylor. I was so excited because unfortunately I hadn’t even seen the bride to be since she got engaged!

Taylor’s cousin (also her maid of honor) and aunt threw the shower. They made lots of Tay’s favorite foods, a lot of which happen to be mine too – like olives, yum yum!

Taylor is marrying Billy, whom I lovingly like to call Billdred. He is also nicknamed Bus Stop Billy since he and Taylor met at an AppalCart bus stop in college. Billy is the sweetest southern gentleman.

Lauren, me, Taylor and Katie.

It was the first time in over a year that the 4 of us were all together!

Of course we were up to our silly antics in no time at all. I can’t wait till we’re all together again in June for Taylor and Billy’s wedding!


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  1. LOVELOVELOVE this post! So glad we were blogworthy! 🙂 Love you Julie!

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