what day is it?

1. Every single day this week I have been utterly confused as to what day it is. On Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday and left work before someone needed to meet with me. Ooops. Since Thursday felt so much like Friday I kept forgetting that I actually get two Saturday’s this weekend. Love it.

2. Last night I realized how much I love the friends in my life as I sat in the middle of a suburban filled with people I love on the way to see more people I love for a cookout and I texted a sweet girl that I just became friends with this year as my dear college friend called me on the phone. I was feeling some major friend love. I love you people. All of you.

I especially love this girl today. Katie is getting married this weekend. I’m going to partay it up for the next 2 days with her and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

3. I feel like the past couple of weeks as I get back into the work routine I have neglected a major part of me: the CRAFTY part. Dear crafts, I still love you I just need more time in my day. Then I could make more fun things like framed chalkboards or earring holders or spend my free time searching goodwill for things to refinish.

4. Today is Good Friday. Sadly I think many times this day is just seen as another day off of work or school. But really this weekend, this Easter weekend, is about a Savior, a man who came to bring life through pain and suffering. I pray that we all take the time to remember and share that simple truth.


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