katie & david tie the knot

This past weekend I watched my dear friend Katie marry David, the sweetest army captain I know. (Okay, okay he’s the only army captain I know.)

The happy couple practicing at the rehearsal.

Katie’s grandparents just celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary. They are precious beyond belief.

I was pumped to see my boo-slice Sydney! She’s all happily married now! The two of us together is major trouble. 🙂

Sister and mother of the bride.

The rehearsal dinner at Winston’s was uh-mazing!! For dessert I had Bananas Foster. It was incredibly delicious! I didn’t think I would ever be able to eat again after that meal!

Katie was completely stunning.

It rained Friday night but cleared up Saturday morning just in time for pictures. I loved the girls bouquets – such a fun color pop!

I love this girl.

After bawling my way through the ceremony I headed to the ceremony. It was at the Cotton Room in Durham and it was gorgeous! I was the guestbook attendant. Katie had the great idea to use a scrapbook and trace a 4 by 6 photo onto each page. At the reception I took the guest’s pictures and they signed on a page. Later after the pictures are printed they will go on the same page as where each guest signed.

I had someone snap my guestbook picture with my cool friend Emily. She’s holding a cherry lemon sundrop in a mason jar. Isn’t that fun?

What a lovely married couple.

Father/Daughter dance – Katie and her dad did a Carolina Shag. It was very cute.

Congratulations Katie and David! I love you both so much!


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