my mom, the rockstar

My mom is a rockstar.

Not the kind that sings and plays the electric guitar – talk to dad about that one ;). But my mom, she’s pretty much the best.

I get my blonde hair from my mom. And yes the blonde moments that go along with that. There’s nothing better than the two of us laughing about a movie or something silly we’ve done while snorting at the same time.

Mom is so much more than a mom to me. She’s an example of great fashion.

Don’t you just love the keds?

She’s an explorer and adventure seeker.

She’s had to put up with some rough characters.

Amazingly, she’s stuck around through it all. 

My mom is so many things to me. She’s my number one prayer warrior and a great role model of godly womanhood. She has a servant’s heart and loves to help people. I could tell you story after story of things my mom does to help others, going above and beyond. My mom is a wonderful hostess, ask anyone who’s been over to her house. I definitely get my sense of hospitality and knack for decorating from my mom. My mom is kind and patient and is always there for me. She’s been with me through thick and thin and everything in between.

It’s funny because as I get older (and not like old, just older) I realize that I’m slowly turning into my mom. I only hope that I can somehow get half the grace and love and kindness that she portrays on a daily basis.

Most of all, my mom is MY mom, the woman that God chose to put in my life. For that I couldn’t be more thankful or happy! I love you mom! Happy Mother’s Day!


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