the adventures of mr. bear

Once upon a time there was a stuffed bear who had no home. He lived on a high shelf in a department store, much like the beloved Corduroy. The stuffed bear dreamed of having a home where someone loved him. One day around Christmas a girl bought the bear. She took him home, wrapped him up with a bow and gave him to her best friend. The best friend was excited about the bear, despite the fact that she was a cool middle schooler.

She took the bear back to her house and gave him a home. The girl gave the bear a name, Mr. Bear. Mr. Bear felt happy in his new home. He had a nice bed to sit on top of during the day and at night the girl would cuddle and fall asleep with the bear in her arms.

Everywhere that the girl went, Mr. Bear went too. When the girl went to college, he packed up his belongings and went too. When the girl went on trips, Mr. Bear was in the front seat. When the girl went to foreign countries he stowed away on the plane.

Mr. Bear made all sorts of friends – both stuffed and human. No one could resist being his friend!

Mr. bear brought happiness to the girl and many others and he still does. He lives in a cute little house in an even cuter turquoise room. He dreams of traveling to more faraway places in the future.

The End (for now).


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  1. I love Mr. Bear. He has always made me feel welcome when I visit at your place! I can’t wait to see you and Mr. Bear on Sunday. Lopita may come to visit to meet Mr. Bear.

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