may, june, july….oh how those months went by

I could win an award for being the most sporadic blogger ever. If you know me in real life and you follow my blog you would probably realize that my most consisted blogging happens when I am out of school. Which is every 9 weeks. So I should title by blog “The Every 9 Weeks Blog”. Oh well, such is life.

I’m going to just dive in and update you all on some fantastic things I’ve been up to.


I saw my sweet friend Amanda get married. Amanda was such a radiant and beautiful bride and every detail of her wedding was lovely.

I had a super hot date for the wedding as well.

I finished the school year. Which also meant that I said goodbye to my coworker Megan as she recently moved back to New Jersey. Megan made my first two years fantastic! I’m going to miss her so much!

A bunch of us had dinner one night to try to get Megan not to leave us. It didn’t work but we still had a lot of fun!

We had some seriously good cupcakes.


I had a birthday and thus turned older. Whenever I mention the fact that I feel like I’m getting old I get immediately shot down and told I’m not old. But people, it’s old for me. I’ve never been this age before!

I forced Rebecca into painting pottery with me because I love it so much.

I painted a plate to look like a watermelon! It’s so entirely cute!

I became addicted to Yogurt Mountain and frozen yogurt of any kind. I may or may not have gone many times and talked many people into going. Because the next best thing to developing a new addiction is helping all of your friends develop the same addiction too.

Every time I go I feel like a 5 year old choosing all sorts of crazy ingredients.

Thank goodness my new roommate loves Yogurt Mountain just as much as I do.

I got to spend my birthday on a boat in the sunshine.

Awful picture, but it will do.

The next day my sweet and fabulous roomie, Amy, got married.

She married David, who is quite the funny man.

I’m so happy for Amy & David!

After finishing the school year and workdays, my awesome friend Heather drove down from the mountains to visit. I do this to Heather every year, make her come see me. It’s always a nice time of catching up, eating junk food, watching movies, and taking her to my fav Raleigh places. This year we had a movie marathon one night and I made Heather watch Despicable Me. Amber, aren’t you proud of me?

Unfortunately Heather and I took ZERO pictures together. One day we took two of my favorite boys, Asher and Caleb to the parent’s pool for the afternoon and had a BLAST. They were soooo silly! I loved watching Caleb try the diving board for the first time – he was a pro! After swimming of course they needed popsicles to beat the afternoon heat.

My favorite part was 10 minutes after they finished these things on the way home, Asher asked me if we could go to Yogurt Mountain. Haha. Maybe next time bud!

Ok that’s all I can do for now – next up is my friend Taylor’s beautiful wedding!



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2 responses to “may, june, july….oh how those months went by

  1. Lauren Hoffert

    you forgot that you are an aunt x2! DUH!!!!!!!

  2. Megan Dustin

    Aw….I got a shout-out! Miss you tons…My offer still stands for grading if you get overwhelmed. 🙂 –Meg

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