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Craft Room, Part 1 – Beginnings

Over my last track out I kept myself very busy: weddings, vacation, oh and redoing a room in the house. I had been planning on turning the guest bedroom into a craft room/office for a while. Track out gave me the time to get it all done.

Before and after Amy’s wedding the guest room became a dumping grounds of sorts. From wedding presents to my school stuff it was a mess!

After I got back from Savannah I promptly moved everything into the hallway and got my paint on. Let it be known that I am not a professional painter by any means. I don’t have mad painting skills. But I got the job done and I did it all by myself!

I painted the room the same old tan that is in our living room. While my bedroom is much more colorful I wanted a neutral slate that I could accessorize with different colors and patterns.

That’s the beginnings of my AWESOME craft room. Stay tuned for the reveal!


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spring is in the air

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Spring is in the air,

everywhere you look around.

Ok, sorry but I had to be cheesy there for a minute. It’s part of who I am!

Spring is everywhere these days and the other day I took a couple of minutes to capture the changes outside my house.

One of 3 lovely dogwood trees. I grew up with a dogwood right outside my window at my parent’s house and I loved watching it bloom every spring.

I’m not sure who added the fishing pole to the fountain but it sure gave me a laugh!

Blooming plants.

I love dandelions. They remind me of being a barefooted kid in the summertime, running around the yard. 🙂

Archway looking into the front yard.

The big oak tree. It’s so fabulous. On days like this I just want to lay out in the grass and do nothing. Well except for the fact that all that icky yellow stuff makes me stuffy!

A blooming archway.

And of course I have to leave you with a piece of spring that found it’s way inside the house.

Don’t worry I didn’t kill him for a bug chart sticker – I put him on a piece of paper and let him back outside.

Yay for spring being here!

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Weekend Projects

Home Depot and I were friends this weekend. I was there twice. I love going in there and acting like a complete blonde. I’m sure the Home Depot workers get a kick out of me. Consider this conversation:

Home Depot Man (HDM): How may I help you?
Me: I’m looking for wire mesh.
HDM: What kind of mesh? We sell it in big rolls.
Me: Tightly woven.
HDM: What do you need it for? (At this point he probably thinks I am screening a porch or something.)
Me: I’m making a framed earring holder.
HDM: Try aisle 6, you may be able to find a piece in a small repair kit so you don’t have to buy a whole roll.
Me: Thank you!
HDM (to himself): Oh my goodness. (Chuckles)

And I did have to buy a whole roll. It was only $6. The “repair kit” was like 2 inches of screen. Wasn’t gonna cut it.
Any how, here’s what I made:

I started with a cheapo wood frame from Goodwill. It didn’t have glass or any kind of back so it was like $1.50.

And I turned it into this:

A framed earring holder! My friend Megan has one of these and I’ve always wanted one. They sell on Etsy for about $40 but I figured I could make my own. I used this DIY Tutorial and it was really easy! I used hot glue for mine. I love that it displays all of my earrings so that I can actually see what I have!

It’s hanging right next to my mirror so I can pick a pair in the mornings and see how they look. Please ignore my Saturday Bum Look. 😉

I also made this today:

A chalkboard in a frame. Again, another cheap Goodwill frame that I spray painted and then used Chalkboard spray paint on the foam mat that came with the frame. So easy! This is hanging in my kitchen. I need some better quote ideas – anything? (And yes, my chalkboard handwriting is not the cutest and I AM a teacher. Oh well!)

In other news last week I bought a cute Michael’s pillow cover that I knew would be perfect on my bed.

It says “believe” and matches my walls perfectly!

The plaque above my headboard also says “believe”. I guess I really like that word!


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