miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. I officially have 24 days left with my kiddos! It’s crazy how fast this year has gone by. I love this group of kids and will miss them a whole lot! This time of year is very fun though as we do our play, enjoy field day, watch our caterpillars grow into butterflies and go on our last field trip.

2. In approximately 40 days I will be wearing these hott shoes for my friend Taylor’s wedding.
Which means I have 40 days to learn how to walk in these babies. I totally never wear heels. I wish I was a heel wearin girl but I’ve never been able to get the hang of it. That whole blonde and lack of balance thing, you know. I feel like I need to go on the TV show MADE and have a coach that teaches me how to walk in heels and makes me do all sorts of drills like running in them or walking down a fashion runway until I get the hang of it.

3. Yesterday I had my mom and dad over for Mother’s Day lunch. I was excited to host at my house so that mom wouldn’t have to do any cleaning or set up or cooking at all! I made chicken angel hair pasta and then a spinach salad with strawberries and glazed pecans. I think it all turned out pretty good!

4. After lunch dad tested out my new futon and promptly fell asleep. 🙂 Mom and I found a cheesy Christian movie on Netflix, What If, to watch. It was so predictable and I kept telling mom what I thought was going to happen which she didn’t like. She kept making all of these faces like she didn’t know what was going to happen or was nervous and  Dad (who finally woke up) and I kept saying “Oh well, this movie isn’t going to end well, what a bummer” which sent her into fits of laughter. It was a pretty entertaining time.

5. On Saturday  my roomie and I went to the local flea market and then the farmer’s market. I got a sweet white chair for $10.

This metal cross for $5.

At the farmer’s market I got a huge bucket of fresh strawberries and a 3 1/2 pound bag of the most delicious pecans ever. Seriously, they are good. I’m going to have some awesome lunches this week. On the way home we stopped at a new thrift store near our house and I found a coffee table!

It fits perfectly with my couch – which I got as my first ever craigslist find a little over a month ago.

6. I love the flowers in our garden!

7. Happy Monday!



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my mom, the rockstar

My mom is a rockstar.

Not the kind that sings and plays the electric guitar – talk to dad about that one ;). But my mom, she’s pretty much the best.

I get my blonde hair from my mom. And yes the blonde moments that go along with that. There’s nothing better than the two of us laughing about a movie or something silly we’ve done while snorting at the same time.

Mom is so much more than a mom to me. She’s an example of great fashion.

Don’t you just love the keds?

She’s an explorer and adventure seeker.

She’s had to put up with some rough characters.

Amazingly, she’s stuck around through it all. 

My mom is so many things to me. She’s my number one prayer warrior and a great role model of godly womanhood. She has a servant’s heart and loves to help people. I could tell you story after story of things my mom does to help others, going above and beyond. My mom is a wonderful hostess, ask anyone who’s been over to her house. I definitely get my sense of hospitality and knack for decorating from my mom. My mom is kind and patient and is always there for me. She’s been with me through thick and thin and everything in between.

It’s funny because as I get older (and not like old, just older) I realize that I’m slowly turning into my mom. I only hope that I can somehow get half the grace and love and kindness that she portrays on a daily basis.

Most of all, my mom is MY mom, the woman that God chose to put in my life. For that I couldn’t be more thankful or happy! I love you mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

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katie & david tie the knot

This past weekend I watched my dear friend Katie marry David, the sweetest army captain I know. (Okay, okay he’s the only army captain I know.)

The happy couple practicing at the rehearsal.

Katie’s grandparents just celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary. They are precious beyond belief.

I was pumped to see my boo-slice Sydney! She’s all happily married now! The two of us together is major trouble. 🙂

Sister and mother of the bride.

The rehearsal dinner at Winston’s was uh-mazing!! For dessert I had Bananas Foster. It was incredibly delicious! I didn’t think I would ever be able to eat again after that meal!

Katie was completely stunning.

It rained Friday night but cleared up Saturday morning just in time for pictures. I loved the girls bouquets – such a fun color pop!

I love this girl.

After bawling my way through the ceremony I headed to the ceremony. It was at the Cotton Room in Durham and it was gorgeous! I was the guestbook attendant. Katie had the great idea to use a scrapbook and trace a 4 by 6 photo onto each page. At the reception I took the guest’s pictures and they signed on a page. Later after the pictures are printed they will go on the same page as where each guest signed.

I had someone snap my guestbook picture with my cool friend Emily. She’s holding a cherry lemon sundrop in a mason jar. Isn’t that fun?

What a lovely married couple.

Father/Daughter dance – Katie and her dad did a Carolina Shag. It was very cute.

Congratulations Katie and David! I love you both so much!

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what day is it?

1. Every single day this week I have been utterly confused as to what day it is. On Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday and left work before someone needed to meet with me. Ooops. Since Thursday felt so much like Friday I kept forgetting that I actually get two Saturday’s this weekend. Love it.

2. Last night I realized how much I love the friends in my life as I sat in the middle of a suburban filled with people I love on the way to see more people I love for a cookout and I texted a sweet girl that I just became friends with this year as my dear college friend called me on the phone. I was feeling some major friend love. I love you people. All of you.

I especially love this girl today. Katie is getting married this weekend. I’m going to partay it up for the next 2 days with her and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

3. I feel like the past couple of weeks as I get back into the work routine I have neglected a major part of me: the CRAFTY part. Dear crafts, I still love you I just need more time in my day. Then I could make more fun things like framed chalkboards or earring holders or spend my free time searching goodwill for things to refinish.

4. Today is Good Friday. Sadly I think many times this day is just seen as another day off of work or school. But really this weekend, this Easter weekend, is about a Savior, a man who came to bring life through pain and suffering. I pray that we all take the time to remember and share that simple truth.

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First, a history lesson. As in the history of me!

Almost 6 years ago (ok now I feel old) I met a sweet, beautiful curly-haired girl named Taylor. We literally met in the bathroom that connected our two rooms in our dorm. Taylor and her dear friend Katie lived in one room and then Lauren and I lived in the room next door. The four of us became fast friends.

We had late nights staying up watching One Tree Hill, wednesday dinners at McAllister’s, and endless silliness.

We called ourselves the “suiteys”.

My sweet Taylor is getting married in June. Taylor is the best! She’s so much fun to be around, constantly encouraging, and always makes me laugh.

Taylor and I were partners in crime in many elementary ed classes together. Together we made even the most boring lectures interesting!

Yesterday, Katie and I met in Raleigh and then drove to Charlotte for a shower for Taylor. I was so excited because unfortunately I hadn’t even seen the bride to be since she got engaged!

Taylor’s cousin (also her maid of honor) and aunt threw the shower. They made lots of Tay’s favorite foods, a lot of which happen to be mine too – like olives, yum yum!

Taylor is marrying Billy, whom I lovingly like to call Billdred. He is also nicknamed Bus Stop Billy since he and Taylor met at an AppalCart bus stop in college. Billy is the sweetest southern gentleman.

Lauren, me, Taylor and Katie.

It was the first time in over a year that the 4 of us were all together!

Of course we were up to our silly antics in no time at all. I can’t wait till we’re all together again in June for Taylor and Billy’s wedding!

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funtastic friday

Fridays are meant for fun. I’m a huge fan of Fridays. Fridays and I, we’re tight.

Friday night after crashing on the couch and watching an episode of Army Wives (totally my guilty pleasure) I met my dear friend Amity to see the movie Soul Surfer.

When I got to the theatre there was a man standing outside with a parrott. Yes, a parrot. It was some sort of cross promotional deal for the movie Rio. So of course as soon as Amity got there I told her we had to take pictures with the parrot. I mean how often do you see a parrot at the movie theatre?

I felt like I was back in Belize!

Amity loved the parrot.

Soul Surfer was incredible! It was one of those movies that I knew ahead of time I would love and I was entirely spot on!

Of course I cried. I cry a lot in movies. Fox and the Hound – can’t handle that movie. Any movie about animals hurt makes me bawl. Anything with even a hint of sentimentalness, true romance, or faith gets me good.

Afterwards Amity said she wanted to get some frozen yogurt at a place nearby. So I jumped in her car and off we went.

Little did I know it was Marmalade Skies, the place that Laura blogs about all the time.

Good thing they had directions because I was a little completely overwhelmed.

I went a little crazy and got Tart, Cran-Raspberry Tart, Tart, and Cake Batter with waffle cone pieces, dark chocolate chips and strawberry explosions all covered in marshmallow sauce. It was very yummy – the cake batter was definitely my favorite! Next time (yep I’m already planning) I think I need to try the peanut butter and chocolate.

We sat around and ate our yummy conconctions and caught up on life. There were a ton of families with kids running around and some middle school girls doing some sort of dance outside that kept cracking us up. What a fun night!

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Giveaway Winner

Thanks to all of you who entered the Belizean Giveaway!

I used random.org’s number generator to find the winner.

So the winner is Tiffany Whittington!

Congratulations Tiffany! Send me your address at juliemarierichardson at gmail dot com and I will send a package your way!

p.s. If you like giveaways as much as I do be sure to head over to Thrifty Finds and ReDesigns to enter to win a beautiful glass coche from the Boomin Granny.

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