Fall List

I can’t believe that it’s already September. Where has summer gone? Summer is undoubtedly my favorite season of the year but Fall comes in a close second. I’ve become a huge decorating lover and Fall is full of great colors, materials and just makes me want to “nest”.

A whole first quarter of school has passed and I’m only 2 days away from a much needed break. It’s not a very long one so for the first time in a while I am not planning on going anywhere during my break. I’m going to stay right here and enjoy some down time, some organizing/cleaning around the house, decorating and exploring Raleigh.

I’m calling it my staycation and I’m pretty pumped. I know that first I’ll have to have at least a few days of “nothing” as I’ve been going to fast lately I really need to just slow down! Nothing says track out like sleeping in, waking up, and then moving to the couch. 🙂

I’m in the process of making a list of fun things I want to do during my track out. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1. Craft in the crafty room as much as possible.
2. Catch up on White Collar (sooo behind)
3. Read at least 3 books.
4. Try at least 4 new recipes.
5. Go to the farmer’s market.
6. Get a pumpkin.
7. Spend time walking around downtown.
8. Eat lunch outside at Whole Foods and people watch.
9. Walk around the lake.
10. Make a craft using burlap.
11. Make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

I’m giddy just thinking about it all right now. That’s the kind of dork I am. 🙂

Happy Fall, Happy Track Out to Me!

What do you love about Fall? Any ideas to add to my list?



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2 responses to “Fall List

  1. 1. Invite Amity to go to the Farmer’s Market with you on a Saturday morning, since that’s when she doesn’t work…
    2. Craft Night with the ladies

  2. We need a life update!

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